Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Negotiated Practise

These are a few pages from my sketch book for the Negotiated Practise unit. I've been looking into ethical design and the responsibility we hold as visual communicators. How can a designer (or illustrator in my case) effect social or political change? I think I have a tendency to 'preach' a lot in my work; almost forcing my opinions upon people which can be quite off putting to the viewer. I have realised the most effective way to effect change in peoples behaviour is to simply inform. Information is knowledge and knowledge is power. It's not about preaching my own opinions, its about about facts and figures.
I have decided to produce a book, or perhaps a set of books which includes facts accompanied by illustrations to do with environmental issues, which is a subject I feel particularly passionate about. The book could consist of facts about recycling and/or the food industry.

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