Friday, 13 September 2013

Natural Creation

Whilst on my adventures in Australia & New Zealand I discovered a number of new obsessions. Its been a long time since I posted anything on this blog so I decided its about time to document a few of my weird and wonderful creations and to hopefully continue with this whilst embarking on my next big adventure. 

I have developed and nurtured a love for creating things from natural and found materials. There is something incredibly primitive and magical about working from and with nature that delights me more then anything else, as it amalgamates my two greatest loves in life; Nature & Creating.

So here are a couple of natural creations woven from banana palm fibre, while in Australia and staying at the magnificent Cooroora Arts Institute.

The baskets below are made from Cats Claw - a nasty Australian tree strangling vine. I think I have put it to good use!

The next selection of images all created from a variety of materials and all half finished and experimentational.

The hat I'm wearing in the image above I made from Coconut Palm- the same material I'm weaving from in the image.

Another Total Obsession...